Artistic Freedom

by Alex Epstein

And in those days the king ordered all his painters to paint the most beautiful map of the kingdom. He implied that he would grant complete artistic freedom: If the map of the neighboring kingdom from the east disturbed the composition, he said, have your way with its borders. The art critics of the neighboring kingdom were quick to report on this plot to their king. In response, he also ordered his painters to paint a map of his kingdom. When the first king learned that the king of the east was imitating him, he gathered some of his abstract painters and secretly ordered them to draw another map, this time of the neighboring kingdom. But even this secret leaked. Abstraction was common in the other kingdom as well. Legend says that many years later, in one abandoned museum not far from the border, the roof collapsed. And we could see the sky.


From For My Next Illusion I Will Use Wings. Translated from the Hebrew by Sacha Cold.

Art: Moran Shoub, The Ancient Sea. Acrylic and paper cutting in the “History of Europe”, July 2011. From the series Topographies in Books and Notebooks.